When I arrived at UT Austin there were no brand standards or even an official wordmark. After 10 years I not only developed brand standards, but also redesigning the website, rebranded the university and build a world class design team. As they say in Texas, it ain't braggin' if it's true.

Below are some examples of the work done by myself and the members of my creative team.


2011 - 2012: Director of Digital Communications

2012 - Present:  Sr. Director of Creative and Brand Strategy

Helluva Communicator

I left UT Austin in 2011 to lead Georgia Tech's web redesign. After completing the project I then took on the role of Sr. Director for Creative and Brand Strategy with the goal of revising the Georgia Tech brand and directing the creative group. In the proceeding years I repositioned the creative office to focus on strategic projects and less client work, led the co-creation of the visual brand with communicators across departments and implemented an institute  content strategy.

I direct a team of 30 talented creatives. Below is some of the work we've create in support of the Georgia Tech's brand.

Co-Creating a Visual System

Georgia Tech has a well defined brand identity program, but it lacked a clear visual language to help distinguish its publications from its peers. Because if the Institute's decentralized organization I knew that to get buy in to the new direction I would need to have creatives from across campus to participate in its creation so I called on them to help create a shared visual language. The group met every Friday and debated everything from typography to paper stock. In the end we arrived at a direction that everyone had a sense of ownership. Within a year all the top level publications were converted over into a similar look and feel that created a consistent look while allowing for flexibility.

These examples that were developed by the Creative and Brand Strategy group show how the visual trade dress flows across all the key communications to create a level of quality and consistency.

Telling a Compelling Story

Georgia Tech is a community of educators, scientists and researchers. They have own highly technical language. Unfortunately not everyone speaks their language and as a result many people do not understand the impact and relevance that Georgia Tech has on their lives.


Through the development of a content strategy we were able to make sure we were telling stories that met our strategic goals.  

A Rallying Cry

How do you express the character of a place as diverse as Georgia Tech?


After grappling with that question for years, Tech has — through a recent collaboration of staff, students, faculty, and leadership —created a single powerful message that unifies all of our work: Creating the Next. The message expresses Tech’s core purpose of making the world a better place by creating the next idea, the next technology, and the next legion of agile minds — bound together with the passion and skills to imagine and build our future.