Learn how to be a conversion centered designer and take your online design strategy to the next level

Design for Online Engagement 



Design for Online Engagement:

SEO, Content and Design Optimization for Editors and Design


You've heard of hybrid designers (design and web development), but how about adding online strategy to your skill set and becoming a "tribrid" designer. Design for Online Engagement shows you how to take your web design skills to a whole new level. Whether you're new to the world of online content development or not, you're sure to find helpful advice in this straight forward design optimization guide that will put you on the path to improving your website. Take action on improving your website's content, and perhaps it will inspire your audience to take action, as well.





Design for Online Engagement:

Take your digital strategy to the next level


The reality is that great looking web design will only get you so far. Today there are about 4 billion indexed pages on the web, or about 700 million websites. This means that the chances of a searcher finding your brands content is getting increasingly more challenging. This is why SEO, content and design optimization is so important. This workshop provides you a straightforward guide to utilizing design optimization and SEO to create and maintain an effective website. You'll learn how to attract qualified visitors to your site buy understanding how search engines work, and how to harness the power of keywords, social signals and optimized design to inspire those visitors to take action.


What you will learn
• How to attract qualified visitors to your site through SEO best practices
• How to design pages that inspire visitors to take action
• How to create relevant content that meets the needs of your visitors
• How to use metrics to measure your online success. 


How you will benefit
Based on interviews with SEO experts, designers, researchers and educators, The Design for Online Engagement Workshop provides tools and techniques used in Web design process best practices. By understanding how to integrate the tools and exercises associated with the various phases of the Web optimization process, you will be better able to provide your clients with well thought out and strategic design decisions.


Who should attend
This workshop is appropriate for communicators, designers and design managers who are interested in gaining insight into Web design strategy process best practices.

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